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Let the Journey Begin

Uniarchal.com is a web site being designed to host forums, links and publish a news letter dedicated to supporting and encouraging the migration that we see occurring in today's modern world as well as chronicling this migration as it occurs within societies as they journey toward the uniarchal social structure.

Rising Goddess Press was established in 2009 and is committed to the publishing of works, both historical and new age, that are dedicated to Goddess and Her role in history, culture and society. The publisher is convinced that a 7,000 year cultural and social upheaval is about to occur upon the planet. The Goddess is rising; Dea can be heard and soon shall be seen. The time has come to recognize the deity of the female.

We plan and hope to have both sites up running, operational and with construction complete in the very near future. Until that time however, should any interested person who has come across our URL wish to add some graffiti on the safety walls around our building site, you are invited to spray away. You can do so by making any comment you like with regard to anything that has been said here on our home page or in our first Host Forums article "Chronicling The Migration", by S. P. St. Templar author of the Tao of 'eh. If you have a question as to what we are doing or wish to make a comment or suggestion as to what might be interesting and informative so far as content goes, then please feel free and contact us through the link below.

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